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student admission

What if you could always attract top students?

The best student expect great experiences.

They may have a set list of choice colleges, but you can still attract them - if you know where and what to look for.

Be smarter at assessing capability, talent, and course fit, matching your top graduates.

student insights

Make sense of your student data without Ph.D in Statistics

No more piles of reports to find answers about your talent - just a browser.

Know exactly what type of data to explore to get the very best answer, immediately.

Identify key drivers of students performance and the critical factors that impact it.


Are your future graduates ready for the industry?

Drive graduate employability with highly capable and ever-ready students.

Develop the connection between employer requirement and talent performance.

Prepare and empower future graduates by guiding them towards matching industry needs.

The Tell N Search Advantage

Smarter admission

Improve college ranking and attract more students who have the talents and skills, and likely to perform like your top graduates

Bridging gap

Identify and act upon student gaps to better understand and deal with today’s demand, and develop talent needs for tomorrow

Industry ready

Boost graduate employability programmes based on specific factors of those student profiles with best fit to industry needs

Predictive analytics with behavioural assessments

Determine critical factors that differentiate top and bottom performing applicants

Talent frameworks with process consulting

Identify and address capacity gaps to build consistent supply talent pool of capable graduates

Predictive readiness analytics with industry recognition

Produce best talents and raise college ranking. Be the industry choice for talents