Smarter People Management

Connecting workforce science and data for hiring, people development and employee engagement

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Skip the guesswork

Make data work for you instead

people acquisition

What if you could always hire top performers?

The best people expect great experiences.

They may not always be looking for jobs, but you can still find them - if you know where and what to look for.

Be smarter at assessing capability, talent, and experience, matching your existing top people.

employee insights

How do you make sense of your employee data?

You don’t need to dig through mountains of reports to find answers about your employee.

Know exactly what type of data to explore to get the very best answer, immediately.

Identify key drivers of organisational performance and the critical roles that impact it.


Are your employees happy with the direction?

Drive business results with highly engaged and collaborative workforce.

Explore the connection between employee engagement and business performance.

Inspire and empower employees by having them activeyly contribute to company’s vision.

The Tell N Search Advantage

Predictive Hiring

Improve business by hiring more people who have the talents and skills, and likely to perform like your top performers

Address gap

Identify and act upon employee gaps to better understand and deal with today’s demand, and to develop employee needs for tomorrow

People retention

Create a retention plan based on specific risk factors of those employee profiles likely to voluntarily leave

Predictive analytics with behaviour assessments

Determine crucial factors that differentiate top and bottom performing units

Employee frameworks with process consulting

Identify and address employee gaps to build global supply chain of highly capable people

Predective retention analytics with exit survey

Retain best people and reduce turnover costs. Anticipate why top employee might leave and take preemptive action